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St. Petersburg: City of Books and Culture

Welcome to St. Petersburg! City of some of the best museums in the world. City of famous writers and artists. City of magnificent churches and buildings. City of literature and 24 hour book stores.

This past weekend we took a trip to St. Petersburg. The weather was pretty awful, rain and snow almost the entire weekend, but despite that Petersburg was really pretty! 

The first morning, we went to the State Hermitage Museum. It was founded by Catherine the Great, who wanted it to become the best museum in Europe. Since the Revolution, the Hermitage has been partially housed in the Winter Palace, one of the tsars' residence. Part of the museum is a preservation of the royal apartments and room. Even in the parts of the palace that now house various art collections, the splendor of the Winter Palace is still evident. In my opinion, it is worth going to the Hermitage just to see the building and royal apartments. It's a lovely light and beautiful palace and it turned out to be one of…

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